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The Penrith Valley Sports Foundation has now made it easier for you to recognise your athlete’s achievements. Your nominations for Senior and Junior Sportstar or Junior Encouragement Award of the month can now be completed online at or see links below

The Penrith Valley Sportstar Annual Awards Dinner will be held on ## September 2024 at Panthers World of Entertainment, Penrith.

At this award night, we celebrate the achievement of the Senior and Junior Sportstar of the year together with a number of other awards.  The Senior Sportstar of the year is awarded $#####.00, the Junior Sportstar $#####.00

Nominations are now sought for the following categories addressing the nomination criteria.  All annual award winners other than the Team of the Year each receive $####.00 and a trophy.  The period for all awards is from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.  Nominations for all these awards close on 13 July 2024.


The Volunteer Award recognises the outstanding efforts by individual volunteers in sport.  The range of work undertaken by volunteers varies from serving on Executive Committees to being judges, cleaning and marking fields, record keeping, writing articles, generating publicity, managing teams and other endless duties that even we find hard to keep track of.Volunteers usually start working for a local sporting club because of the involvement of one’s children.


This award recognises the achievement by a referee/umpire through either sustained performance at an elite level or through their contribution to the development of refereeing/umpiring in the District/State/Nationally or Internationally.


This award recognises outstanding achievement by a team.  Achievement in the sense of results: with particular attention to the level of the competition and the type of opposition


In today’s environment effective administration in sport is critical.  These days managing and organising sport whether it be amateur or professional, is akin to running a small business.  There are the managerial duties, liaison with various levels of government, controlling finances and meeting the GST obligations for the tax department.  Other activities include making sure that all competitors and teams are organised to play in the various competitions and then there is possibly one of the most important – obtaining and retaining sponsors.


Individuals or that that matter teams in sport do not produce, progress or become recognised without the guidance of a good coach.  When a team wins a prestigious event the values of the coach are frequently overlooked.

Coaching at the elite level has progressed to become a scientific art.  Obviously, as you progress up the ladder there are many support personnel appointed to assist you.  However, whether you coach at the junior level where the basics are taught day in day out or whether you are coaching seniors and you frequently resort to the basics it all requires a coach who is an excellent communicator, an innovator, a psychologist, a tactician and frequently a pseudo mother and/or father.


The Jim Anderson memorial award honours the memory of the late Jim Anderson.  As well as being the highly respected local grass roots politician, Jim was a driving force behind the development, growth and promotion of sport at all levels in the Penrith District and beyond.

It is awarded annually to a person in the Penrith District who has made a significant contribution across a range of sports or an exceptional contribution to a major sport and their contributions have been particularly relevant in the development of sport and in guiding the growth of that sport.

Rising Star Award

Awarded to a nominee for either Junior or Senior Sportstar during the year that has not been successful in gaining the Sportstar of the Year Award but has continued to either show potential or excel and progress in their chosen field.  This award is selected by the Executive Committee of the Foundation.


Awarded to an athlete who has excelled in their chosen field and meets the requirements under the disability in sport criteria.


Awarded to an athlete who has excelled at the highest level in their chosen sport. The athlete must meet the “Masters” criteria for their particular sport and be at least 35 years of age.



To be eligible for any award from the Penrith Valley Sports Foundation the recipient will either live in the Penrith Local Government Area or compete for a team/sport that has its ‘headquarters’ in the Penrith Local Government Area or attend a school in the Penrith Local Government Area.

“When you surround yourself with like-minded athletes who are all going through the same thing as you, it gives you more drive and strength to get through those moments when you don’t want to do it any more, when you think it’s hard.”

Jessica Fox

World and Olympic champion slalom canoeist

Penrith Valley Sports Foundation